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El Marsam Murals

The Nile Studio

This is a large painting located on the wall behind the bed in the room we have dubbed “The Nile Studio”.

These two pharaonic images are painted into niches in the en suite bathroom.

The Three Graces

Inspired by Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticellli’s Primavera, I painted my three graces on the wall of the downstairs bathroom in El Marsam.

After these photographs were taken, I added something to each of the women to represent my three daughters. One grace has a purple ankh tattoo on her ankle, another a ladybug on her sheer dress, and the third a rosebud tattoo on her hip.

Upper Bathroom Mural

This one is located on the wall of the bathroom upstairs, above one end of the tub so I can gaze at it as I soak.

Deruta Window

This mural features a large ceramic jar typical of the town of Deruta and is located in a niche in one of the bedroom walls.


A typical decorative plant on balconies and windowsills in Italy, this geranium mural is also located in a niche of a bedroom wall.


Painted in 2009, this little mural was placed in a niche in an outdoor wall of the house.

The elements take their toll on outdoor paintings and this is what the mural looks like in 2017 - in need of a touch up!

© 2017 Ginda Simpson  ~ artist, writer, jewelry maker

All of these murals are part of El Marsam, my house in Umbria, Italy that was once a farmhouse.