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Italian Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Journal

Are you planning your first trip to Italy, or returning to the peninsula because it has called you back time and again?  Or do you prefer to remain in your comfy armchair and travel to distant lands via engaging travel journals?  In Italian Wanderlust, author Ginda Simpson, who has resided in Italy for over a decade, shares and celebrates all that is Italy - the traditions and festivals, the food and the wines, the enchanting cities and the peaceful countryside.  As an artist and travel writer, her words simply paint pictures.  For your own planning purposes, she includes contact information for the various hotels and restaurants mentioned in her stories. A must for anyone who loves Italy, who dreams of travel here, or who simply wants to savor their own memories of the country.

Preview the print book here.

In the print copy, images of original watercolor paintings and pencil drawings by the author are included with each story. The electronic versions are text-only.

First Print Edition Published by Author: November 2011

EPub and MOBI Editions Published by NimNam Books: May 2013

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Italian Wanderlust