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Italy: The Beauty and the Feast

Has Italy captured your heart and your imagination? In this travel journal, Ginda Simpson captures the essence of the country, not through the usual highlights of a whirlwind tour of the peninsula, but through leisurely travels to the cities and countryside, often off the beaten path and during the quieter seasons. Festivals that ignite the imagination, banquets of tables laden with Italy’s abundant harvest, shepherds and farmers toiling their land, opera divas that sing in a way that almost breaks one heart – these are the experiences that inspired the title: Italy – the Beauty and the Feast. Ginda invites you to travel along with her. For your own planning purposes, she includes contact information for the various hotels, restaurants, and festivals mentioned in her stories. This is the sequel to her first collection of travel stories to be found in the book entitled Italian Wanderlust.

Preview the print copy of the book here.

In the print copy, images of original photographs, watercolor paintings and pencil drawings by the author are included with each story. The electronic versions are text-only.

EPub and MOBI Editions Published by NimNam Books: August 2015

© 2016 Ginda Simpson  ~ artist, writer, jewelry maker


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