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Morning of Light

Egypt is in the news quite a bit these days, and everyone is kept “informed” of the unsettling state of affairs as the populace seeks a fair and functional new government. I invite you, instead, to imagine yourself adrift on the Nile in a white-sailed felucca… Let me take you to see the Sphinx in the middle of the night, to ancient bazaars and crowded marketplaces, to the tranquil countryside where life unfolds, unchanging…

Morning of Light, short stories illustrated with my paintings and art-enhanced photographs, captures the Egypt of today, its people and their customs. It offers a glimpse into what it was like to wake up to the Call to Prayer and experience the country, not as a tourist, but as a temporary resident, welcomed and accepted by the Egyptian people. Read, learn and love with me, as I discover the country that would steal my heart…

First Print Edition Published by Author: 1997

Second Print Edition Published by Author: 2014

EPub and MOBI Editions Published by NimNam Books: August 2014

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The first edition of Morning of Light was published in Cairo in 1997. It has been out of print for more than ten years and it has always been my wish to reprint it. It was difficult not to go over the pages of this first journal with pen in hand and edit out my innocent and at times inaccurate impressions of my new home country, but alas, that is the beauty of a life lived. We learn. So, I invite you to learn with me. Grow with me. Love with me – a country that is changing and growing as I write. It is with deep satisfaction that I reprint this book. I have revised the text very little and I have used my original paintings and some photographs in a new way that I believe more accurately reflect the joyful light of Egypt. I am also pleased that Afternoon of Honey, its sequel with stories that span the years from 1997 until today, is now also in print.

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