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I have always known that there were mosaics inside me that needed to come out. I just didn't expect so many. I have given a great deal of thought to why mosaics appeal to me. It may be because they feed my desire to create something beautiful out of what has been cast away. I LOVE TO UPCYCLE. Over the years, I have never purchased one single tile. Only buying the adhesive and grout needed to assemble my mosaic creations, I have gathered broken pieces of tiles found during walks in the Italian countryside or in the streets of Dahab, Egypt, or my favorite finds – ceramic fragments washed up on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Building supply companies and pottery shops have happily let me dig through their throw-aways and my collection of colorful shards has grown.

But deep down, I no doubt feel that these glass and ceramic fragments represent some of our human qualities – those small parts of us that may be chipped or broken, worn or misplaced, maybe even lost. Each unique shape, each varied texture, each vibrant color or muted tone still holds interest and value as part of our whole. Even a splinter has its place and purpose in the beautiful mosaic of each human being.  

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The Goat Wall The Goat Wall - Dahab, Egypt

More to come!

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