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Other Projects

Rooms with a View: Artistic Impressions of Exceptional Hotels and Inns

Inspired by my love of travel and beauty in general, this project is a collection of my writings and paintings of particularly beautiful hotels in historic locations around the world. Rather than just a commercial listing of properties, Rooms with a View is an artistic and romantic view of these lovely places, reflecting the distinctiveness and charm of these exceptional hotels and inns.

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Artful Journeys with Ginda Blog

With this blog, I hope to share what inspires me.  I confess, up front, that it will be a home-made minestrone of ideas, a serving of unexpected ingredients, offered erratically by a sometimes crazed chef, a stew peppered with fanciful imagination.  I will paint, and write, and cook, and create…   I invite you to learn with me.  Grow with me.  Love life with me.

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