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artist - writer - jewelry maker

Painted Furniture

I remember getting into trouble for drawing in ink on my bed sheets as a child. I don't do that anymore (but I could if I wanted to!). As an adult, I have continued to paint on just about anything that will stay still long enough – mostly walls and furniture. Here, too, that strong desire to UPCYCLE comes into play – converting old shutters into closet doors, giving a new look to something old, giving an old look to something new, painting a memory into a piece of cherished furniture...All I need is an idea, some paint, and for the chosen surface to simply stay still.

© 2017 Ginda Simpson  ~ artist, writer, jewelry maker

Rachel’s Cabinet



Rachel’s Antique Table



Bridget’s Bathroom Cabinet

My Bedroom Closet Doors

Before being hung; the doors were distressed (made to look old).

My File Cabinet

Top of cabinet

Side of cabinet

Drawer detail

Top view, when opened.