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© 2023 Ginda Simpson  ~ artist, writer, jewelry maker

“We all have magic inside, woven into our dreams… And magic flourishes when you spell out that dream and make the frontiers vanish. Dreams can change your life, and eventually the world…”

– The Harem Within by Fatima Mermissi

Dreams, and inspiration, and dedicated work – these are the threads that make up the tapestry of my days. I find endless inspiration all around me – in the sublime and in the mundane. I see an exquisite sunset, and I want to paint it. I meet a seemingly ordinary old man, and I want to write his extraordinary story. I pick up sea glass from the beach and want to design a necklace that reflects the sea and the stars…

I wish that I could turn the key and open the door to my real-life studio and welcome you to visit with me. Instead, I invite you to “turn the key” and step inside and follow where the links lead you. If you have questions, please contact me.

Welcome to my studio!

© 2022 Ginda Simpson  ~ artist, writer, jewelry maker