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Love Endures All Things A Journey with Alzheimer’s

Do you find yourself perplexed by the changes you see in your aging parent? Are you concerned about what it means to lose a parent to Alzheimer’s?  Will you be able to care for them with the patience and love that is required?

Artist/writer, Ginda Simpson, learned much throughout her father’s unforgettable and invaluable journey with Alzheimer’s. With pen and paintbrush in hand, Ginda drew this portrait using both images and words to record what she and her family experienced. As a physician, writer and teacher, her father would have wanted his final life journey to illustrate and illuminate for both his family and the medical community the mysteries and the magnitude of Alzheimer’s. Confident that her father would have wanted her to write this story, she set herself to the task. LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS is Ginda’s way of honouring her father, a man of infinite courage and integrity. His was an extraordinary life. Her hope is that her words will offer comfort and courage to others on a similar journey.


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First Print Edition Published by Author: 2010

Electronic Editions Published by NimNam Books: January 2013

© 2016 Ginda Simpson  ~ artist, writer, jewelry maker